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News: Allowing veterans to try different fields before making a lifetime decision.
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We don't waste your donation money on big TV ads. That is why we need your help spread the word about VOICE. When you give you can be assured that your donation is used to help Veterans not used to get more money. NO PAYROLL, even our instructors are all volunteers and must pay their own way so as not to take any money from the Veterans.  We are always looking for more volunteers.

We are a non-profit for Veterans and we can prove it.







NAME AND NUMBER OF TASK FORCE: _________________________________

PREAMBLE: By definition, a preamble is an introductory and expressionary statement in a document that explains the document's purpose, underlying philosophy and history leading to its creation. This document was created by the Administrative staff of Mountain Morning Ministries, a faith-based 501c3 Christian organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America, giving it powers to accept donations which may be tax deductible to donors. Mountain Morning Ministries is the lead organization in a partnership with a privately owned, limited liability company called Homeland America, desiring to provide certain services to Veterans of the United States Armed Forces through the creation of a program called VOICE. Together, Mountain Morning Ministries and Homeland America LLC, in cooperation with each other, have established and instituted the VOICE program, which is an educational program designed to assist honorably-discharged Veterans in transitioning back into society and the workforce, since military discharge, by providing life-skills and job-site learning experiences and opportunities in a residential campus learning site, as well as at other off-campus learning sites. The VOICE program and its enrolled Veterans are financed through fundraising efforts by individuals organizing together in bodies called “Task Forces” which are officially recognized as supporters of the VOICE program and its Veterans. This Constitution was created with the purpose to establish guidelines for those organizing and participating in Task Forces to understand the purpose, mission and vision of the VOICE program to better support and cooperatively represent the VOICE program. VOICE recognized Task Forces may be established anywhere throughout the United States of America and its territories from where Veterans have been originally inducted into service of the United States Armed Forces. The VOICE program shall serve all honorably-discharged Veterans and shall not discriminate under the Federal statutes for Equal Opportunity. All program-enrolled Veterans and those contributing and participating in the VOICE program, are required to conform to program rules and authority, in good faith, with the understanding and intent to create the most appropriate, moral and positive campus environment, which will promote camaraderie among program participants, leading to the success of its Veterans.





· This Constitution is the official governing document of the VOICE Task Forces, formed and operated to benefit the VOICE program and the Veterans who are enrolled in the VOICE program. All Task Force members agree to follow the tenets of this Constitution’s terms and conditions to the best of their ability in good faith.


· This Constitution is in the process of evolving and amendments may be made from time to time as deemed necessary by the VOICE administration. Task Forces may also petition the VOICE administration to amend the constitution (see Article V, Section 3).





· A VOICE Task Force is a stand-alone, independent organization in support of the VOICE program, recognized by VOICE administration. Task Forces are official supporters of VOICE and shall receive official recognition for their support. Because they are independent organizations, VOICE in no way compensates, assumes liability for, or directly controls a Task Force, however Task Forces must agree to follow the guidelines of this Constitution, so that both organizations can work together with understanding and proper representation of the purpose, mission and vision to assist Veterans under the VOICE program. To assist Veterans in the VOICE program is the sole reason for Task Force formation.


· Upon petitioning the VOICE administration for official recognition, any individuals who wish to group together to form a Task Force of the VOICE program, may do so under agreement of adhering to the rules of this Constitution, thus promoting the VOICE program, according to its purpose as stated in Article III, Section 1. Every Task Force may also select its own name, and VOICE administration shall assign each Task Force a number upon recognition.


· Upon recognition by the VOICE administration, THIS Task Force shall be identified and known as “Task Force #___, The ________________” which shall be hand written here, and at the top of, a printed official copy of this Constitution and shall be kept in the official records of the Task Force. Names are unique and no other Task Force may share the same name. All members may have access to, and/or have an electronic of photocopy of, this Constitution.

Section 4 LANGUAGE

· The official language of the VOICE program and all Task Forces is English.





The purpose of forming this Task Force shall be:
· To identify and promote honorably-discharged Veterans for enrollment into the VOICE program.
· To help encourage and support enrolled Veterans during their enrollment, and to foster, contribute to, and promote the highest aims of the VOICE program on behalf of those Veterans.
· To promote close personal relationships among members, Veterans, other Task Force groups, and VOICE.
· To contribute to the good of the VOICE program and the needs of the enrolled Veterans, through planning and conducting of Fundraising Missions (events), and planning and conducting other positive and appropriate social events. Task Forces are required to organize and hold at least 2 VOICE Fundraising Missions per year. Task Forces must hold at least 1 local social event per year to promote camaraderie.
· To contribute their knowledge and expertise through its members to encourage and assist Veterans and conduct projects to assist enrolled Veterans of the VOICE program.
· To bring awareness of, and discuss legislation and judicial decisions regarding the status of, and affecting the lives of, Veterans. Under no circumstances shall the Task Force take sides on political issues: local, national, or international. The Task Force may not publicly support a political candidate, party, or party’s platform.
· To serve as a line of communication and unity for enrolled Veterans and VOICE.
· To support and abide by the regulations and standards established by the VOICE administration.
· To serve as an advocacy organization of Veterans’ issues and concerns. The Task Force may at times collaborate with other clubs, organizations or Task Forces, but still retains its own identity separate from any affiliation with other clubs, organizations or Task Forces other than VOICE.
· To positively and ethically represent and promote VOICE and its Veterans, in an appropriate manner, as permissible, with all publicity and correspondence displaying the VOICE name and website at all times.




Section 1 Individual Member, Contribution, and Dues

· Anyone with a passion to help Veterans, who is a Veteran of the US military, with an honorable discharge is eligible for membership.
· Anyone with a passion to help Veterans, because of their own military service, who is currently serving in the military is eligible for membership.
· Anyone with a passion to help Veterans, is eligible for membership.
· A viable contribution could be financial, but by joining a Task Force, committing to giving of one’s time and expertise to be a blessing to a Veteran and the VOICE program, is an expected and most viable contribution.
· All Task Force members understand and agree that they are volunteers and shall not receive compensation for volunteer services.

Section 2 Honorary Membership

· Any person can be eligible for honorary membership in the Task Force. Honorary members shall not have the right to vote or hold any office of the Task Force. Honorary members are invited to advise, counsel and benefit the Task Force in an area of expertise that will ultimately benefit the Veterans and the VOICE program, in any way the Captain may see fit.

· Section 3 Auxiliary Membership

· Auxiliary membership shall be open to any one that does not have time to join the Task Force full time and are similar to honorary members in that they do not have the right to vote or hold office. Auxiliary members can advise, counsel and benefit the Task Force in an area of expertise, in any way the Captain may see fit.

Section 4 New Members

· New members may be inducted into the Task Force upon a majority vote of the membership after the Captain has cleared the candidate for New Membership.

Section 5 Identity

· To promote unanimity of identity, each Task Force may design its own distinctive appropriate logo, identifying its name, to be worn by its members, representing the Task Force in a distinguishable way. In other words, tee-shirts or jackets may be considered as appropriate types of uniforms, as long as all members wear matching uniforms. Uniforms must contain both the name and/or logo of the Task Force and the VOICE program. Shoulder or pocket patches may be designed to add to a plain jacket or shirt. Task Forces may design their own patches with the exception of the American flag patch which is to be worn on the left shoulder so that the star field faces forward and the VOICE patch which is to be worn on the right shoulder. Designs must be submitted for approval from the VOICE administration before use.
· Officers of the Task Force (see Article IV) may use military insignia to be worn on their uniforms to distinguish them from other members (for example, a lieutenant may wear one bar; the captain may wear 2 bars).
· Styles and colors of uniforms should be consistent with the branch of military that the members of the Task Force wish to represent.




Section 1 Task Force Board of Directors

· The Board is the governing body of the Task Force, which shall meet at least once monthly with its members, shall also meet as often as necessary with one another, and shall consist of the following 5 officers:
1. A Captain, who is the lead officer and Chairperson of the Task Force whose duty is to promote and defend the purpose of the VOICE program and the Veterans it serves, to oversee the Task Force committees and events, and lead the meetings. The Captain shall stay as Captain of the Task Force till such time he/she resigns or gets promoted to Major.
2. There shall be 4 Lieutenants, who shall be assigned specific officer duties as follows:
a. The Chaplain shall advise and encourage in matters of spirituality and shall be the Vice-Captain, filling in for the Captain during his/her absence. The Chaplain is also the Ex-officio Chairperson of all committees of the Task Force, who will oversee committee meetings and activities and report directly to the Captain of committee activities to keep the Captain informed.
b. The Recording Secretary, who shall be responsible for keeping all the records and meeting minutes of the Task Force.
c. The Treasurer shall keep all the financial records of the Task Force for fundraising purposes and shall be directly responsible to report monthly, and submit all monies raised, to the VOICE administration financial department. The Treasurer must make all financial records available to VOICE administration at any time.
d. The Fundraising and Publicity Secretary, shall be responsible for all communications, both public and private, and shall chair the Fundraising Committee and publicize all Fundraising Missions and other events.
e. The responsibilities of the Captain, Vice-Captain, Treasurer, and Secretaries, as stated in this Constitution, may not be delegated to any other person in the Task Force unless a temporary appointment is made due to illness or injury of an officer.

Section 2 Identification of Officers

· Names and contact information of all officers shall be submitted to VOICE administration, and officers must sign up for, and login at least once weekly, to the VOICE webpage for Task Forces to be part of the VOICE online communications.

Section 3 Rules of Governance

· The main governing rules of the Task Forces shall be this Constitution. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all meetings. Additions and amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by its members, discussed and voted on at meetings, for submission by the Recording Secretary, to the VOICE administration for consideration. The Captain shall oversee and interpret all matters pertaining to the rules of governance, to insure that all meetings, missions and events are conducted in a manner consistent with the purpose, mission and vision of the VOICE program (as outlined herein, and on the VOICE website.)
· The Captain shall also insure that any amendment proposals are not contradictory, and that they conform to the VOICE purpose, mission, and vision.

Section 4 Committees

· The Captain shall form any committee needed to accomplish the projects of the Task Force and appoint its members. Committees shall meet as often as necessary to complete their tasks in a timely manner. The Captain may, if desired, appoint titles such as specialist, corporal, sergeant, and staff sergeant, for example, to committee members, recognizing over time, those who stand out in their support of Veterans and the VOICE program, and make recommendations each year for recognition at the VOICE annual awards ceremony.
1. Fundraising Committee. This committee is the most important of all committees for the VOICE program and Task Forces cannot exist without fundraising. At least 3 Task Force members shall participate in this committee and it shall be chaired by the Fundraising and Publicity Secretary. The purpose of this committee is to plan events or otherwise promote and raise funds for the survival of the VOICE program. At least 2 Fundraising Missions per year shall be organized and held. Also general publicity campaign of the VOICE program shall be promoted in between Fundraising Missions.
2. Publicity Committee. This committee is chaired by the Fundraising and Publicity Secretary and shall consist of at least 1 member who will assist the Fundraising and Publicity Secretary with writing and reviewing all publicity articles about fundraising events, as well as collecting and generating newsworthy articles of interest to Veterans, which will be submitted to the VOICE website’s online newspaper. Most of all success stories are encouraged to be composed by the Task Forces about their sponsored Veterans.
3. Enrollee Selection Committee. This committee shall consist of at least 2 members who will co-chair and report directly to the Vice-Captain, and may interview and nominate Veterans for enrollment into the VOICE program. The committee members shall assist the Veteran in meeting all the requirements for program application and once enrolled, shall follow the Veteran during his enrollment to encourage and support him/her over the year, towards asuccessful completion of the program.
4. Historical Committee. The Historians shall be appointed by the Captain. The duties of the Historians shall be to keep record, copies as necessary, of the historical growth, plans and projects of the Task Force.

Section 5 Meetings

· Meetings shall be held as described in Article V, and the Captain may call any meetings as necessary with as much notice as possible, preferably at least one week’s notice.

Section 6 Order of Business

· The order of business for all membership meetings shall be as follows:
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag, Prayer & Moment of Silence
3. Roll Call
4. Minutes of previous meeting
5. Treasurer’s Report & Expenditure Resolution
6. Officers Reports
7. Committee Reports
8. Old Business
9. New Business
10. Adjournment




Section 1 Command

· Any Captain that organizes 5 Task Forces in other areas of the country, so as not to overlap each other, will relinquish his/her position as Captain of the current Task Force and become a Major of the 5 Task Forces which is a Battalion. All Majors will receive a seat on the VOICE Task Force Battalion Leadership Board. Any Major that organizes 5 Battalions which is a Brigade will relinquish his/her position as Major of the current Battalion and become Colonel over the Brigade. All Colonels receive a seat on the VOICE Task Force Brigade Executive Board. In time, Colonels may be appointed to the VOICE Advisory Board by the General.

Section 2 Reporting

· All reports shall flow through the progression of hierarchy. If there is no office or officer immediately above the other, then the progression proceeds to the next highest office or officer.




Section 1 Donations accepted on behalf VOICE

1. All Task Force members/volunteers may receive donations on behalf of VOICE at primarily, Fundraising Missions, but also in other public or private settings where VOICE is promoted.

Section 2 Donors’ Receipts and Checks

1. All checks shall be made out to Mountain Morning Ministries (VOICE). Task Forces should instruct donors in this area. Should donors request a receipt for their donations, they are to be notified that receipts will be issued from the VOICE administration for all checks with correct name and mailing address printed on them. Receipts will be automatically issued electronically for donations made via the website. Receipts for cash donations shall be downloaded by the Treasurer, copied and made available at Fundraising Missions. The Treasure, and in the absence of the Treasurer the Task Force members, may fill in the receipt for a cash donation, but they must log the amount of the donation in a log with the donors’ name and phone number. At all events a notebook shall be kept available for this purpose.
2. All donations collected by members/volunteers shall be forwarded to the Treasurer for processing, as soon as possible after receipt of the donation. All cash donations shall be logged in a ledger at the time of receipt, if possible, with the amount of the donation, the donor’s name and address noted, with a VOICE receipt given to the donor.
3. The Treasurer is responsible for the final accounting of all VOICE collections and shall deposit donations into the VOICE account.




All new members will take this pledge giving by the Captain.

"As a member of this Task Force of the VOICE program, you agree to work the front line for all honorably-discharged Vetrans giving them rest from a job well done. It is your duty to help Veterans in anyway you can by promoting the VOICE program. Your behavior will be guided by the code which has been set down by Vetrans who gave their lives in a heroic manner so you can stand here today and take this pledge. You will always conduct yourself with them in mine."


"United we stand, divided we fall"

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