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News: Allowing veterans to try different fields before making a lifetime decision.
December 11, 2017, 02:42:19 PM


We don't waste your donation money on big TV ads. That is why we need your help spread the word about VOICE. When you give you can be assured that your donation is used to help Veterans not used to get more money. NO PAYROLL, even our instructors are all volunteers and must pay their own way so as not to take any money from the Veterans.  We are always looking for more volunteers.

We are a non-profit for Veterans and we can prove it.


Why Start a VOICE Task Force?

A lot of us have more time then money. What do we do with our time. Now you can start a VOICE Task Force in your own community.

Veterans find it hard to take that first step, you can be that first step foe them. Before a Veteran can get in the VOICE program they need to be recommended by a Task Force Captain. When you start a Task Force you are doing more then just spreading the word about VOICE and helping with fundraising, you will become a first step for Veterans all over America.
The number one benefits of volunteering is it connects you to others and others to you. One of the better-known benefits of volunteering is the impact in your community. Volunteers are the glue that holds a community together. Starting a Task Force allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place.
Your Motivations: Think about how much you receive when you start a Task Force. You may have several different reasons. Here are just a few of the many possible motivations identified by other: to feel needed, to share a skill, to be a leader, to do your civic duty, because of a friend or relative, to have an impact, to be challenged, to be a watchdog, to feel proud, to make new friends, as therapy, for fun, for religious reasons, to be part of a team, to stand up and be counted.
You will probably have some special reasons of your own. Remember that the motivations you have are up to you. Once you start a Task Force we know that you will continue to serve as long as you feel that your efforts are accomplishing something, that your talents are appreciated, and that you are making a difference.

If you have a passion for working with Veterans then I would say " you can make a difference".

Here is how you can get started. We have set up some Q and A's for you.

Q: How much dose it cost to start a Task Force?
A: Nothing! The Veterans need your time and skills.

Q: Does my Task Force need to do any fundraising?
A: We ask all Task Forces to help where they can with fundraising. You might have a fundraiser that worked out for you, if so please share with the other Task Force.

Q: Can our Task Force recommend a Veteran for VOICE?
A: Yes you can. In fact you are the only way a Veteran can enter VOICE.

Q: Can I pick my own team?
A: You are the Captain of your Task Force. You can assign Lieutenants to act as leaders. You can use your family or friends even co-workers. But it would be best to never turn down good help.

Q: How will people know we are here.
A: VOICE will post your contact information on the main site so Veterans can find you. You might even want to run a ad in your local newspaper.

Q: Can we get or give information from an other Task Force?
A: Yes you can. We have set up a site just for the Task Force Captains to communicate with each other. Share your ideas and post questions there.

Q: Exactly what do we need to do?
A: VOICE has a set of guidelines for success to help you get started. Over all your mission is to make the connection between VOICE and the Veterans needs. Many Veterans need your help, many businesses need your information. Use your VOICE.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Just click "Help Desk" at the top of this page. When the Help Desk opens click "Open a New Ticket". From the "Help Topic" click "Start a Task Force". Just fill in the form and you are on your way.

 Here is the patch for Task Force #1, the Spearheads. You can design your own. Be sure you read and understand "CONSTITUTION OF THE VOICE TASK FORCE."


"United we stand, divided we fall"

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